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April fools day

4/2/2018 (Permalink)

April 1st, also known to many as April fool’s day, is a day filled with harmless jokes and pranks but where did the April fool come from? Who was this person and where did he live? And what exactly made him so foolish?

According to, April fool’s day is thought to have originated back in 1582 when the French switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. It is thought that some people did not want to recognize or failed the knowledge of the new year being moved to January 1st, so they continued to celebrate the last week in March through April 1st. That then brought on jokes for those who did not recognize that the holiday had been moved.

The jokes that were played on one another back then were a far cry from the kinds of jokes and pranks played on people these days. One of the most popular jokes was someone putting a paper fish on your back. The paper fish was known as poisson d'avril also known as April fish. This fish was thought to symbolize an easily caught fish or a gullible person.

During the 1700's, the April fool’s popularity grew. English pranksters were at the foot of the popularity and spread the jokes of the day through their land. 

Through all the speculation, the actual origin to April fool’s day is still a mystery. But that sure doesn't stop people of all ages enjoying pulling a friendly joke or harmless prank on someone for a good old belly laugh!

March is...

3/8/2018 (Permalink)

The month of March brings many things. It may bring the sunshine and the taste of spring. If you live here in Michigan, it may bring the last snow fall for the year but the month of March is very significant to the charity world as it is the American Red Cross month. 

The American Red Cross is a charitable organization founded in 1881 that relies on donations and volunteers to carry out their mission of helping people. 

The American Red Cross is committed to helping people in need. Whether it is disaster relief, blood donations, first aid and CPR training, life guard training and something that hits close to many of our hearts, military family support. 

The American Red Cross is part of the Global Red Cross Network. It is the world's largest network for volunteering. It is found in 187 different countries, so if you're interested in volunteering, it's not to find a local American Red Cross.

To learn more about the American Red Cross, visit

'Like It Never Even Happened'

1/18/2016 (Permalink)

With all of the wintery weather conditions and fluctuating temperatures, you never know when a where a disaster will strike, so a quick tip for any body with seasonal homes, take a look around or ask a neighbor. Look for condensation, foggy windows and if you have propane check the tank. You don't want that tank to get empty not allowing heat into your house and gain the chance of burst pipes. In the event that you have an issue do not hesitate to call SERVPRO! We will make it 'Like It Never Even Happened' you have our word!

Ultrasonic Cleaning

11/21/2013 (Permalink)


SERVPRO of Manistee, Ludington and Cadillac recently purchased an ultrasonic cleaner for our contents cleaning division. 

Ultrasonic cleaners are used for cleaning of contents on water, fire and mold jobs.  The ultrasonic cleaning method provides a deeper and more thorough cleaning then hand cleaning.  This allows us to provide better deodorization of items and to clean detailed items that can not be cleaned by hand.